Bibliography and Index of the Sirenia and Desmostylia  

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"Yoshiwara, Shigeyasu"

Yoshiwara, Shigeyasu (= Tokunaga, Shigeyasu); Iwasaki, Chozo ("J[uzo]. Iwasaki") (detail)
Notes on a new fossil mammal.
Jour. Coll. Sci., Imper. Univ. Tokyo 16(6): 1-13. 4 figs. 3 pls.
–Rev.: M. Schlosser, Neues Jahrb. Min. Geol. Pal., Referate 1904(2): 464-465, 1904. The first Japanese paper on Desmostylus. Describes, but does not name, the Togari skull and mandible, and considers it a proboscidean on the advice of H. F. Osborn.
  Following an old custom, Yoshiwara adopted his wife's family name Tokunaga on the occasion of his marriage in 1903 (see Kohno, 2000: 149).
Tokunaga, Shigeyasu (= Yoshiwara, Shigeyasu); Iwasaki, Chozo (detail)
Notes on Desmostylus japonicus.
Jour. Geol. Soc. Tokyo 21(250): 33. July 20, 1914.
–Coins the name Desmostylus japonicus, n.sp.
Tokunaga, Shigeyasu (= Yoshiwara, Shigeyasu) (detail)
Systematic position of Desmostylus.
Jour. Geol. Soc. Tokyo 22(258): 119-124.
Tokunaga, Shigeyasu (= Yoshiwara, Shigeyasu) (detail)
Desmostylus found near the town of Yumoto, Fukushima Prefecture.
Jour. Geogr. (Tokyo) 48(572): 473-484. 1 fig. Pls. 6-8. Oct. 1936.
–In Japanese; Engl. summ.
Tokunaga, Shigeyasu (= Yoshiwara, Shigeyasu) (detail)
A new fossil mammal belonging to the Desmostylidae. In: Jubilee publication commemorating Prof. H. Yabe, M.I.A. sixtieth birthday.
Sendai (Japan), Tohoku Imper. Univ., Inst. Geol. Pal.: Vol. 1: 289-299. 2 figs. Pl. 19.
–Japanese summ. Describes Cornwallius tabatai, n.sp.
Tokunaga, Shigeyasu (= Yoshiwara, Shigeyasu) (detail)
[Autobiographical sketch.] In: [Memorial papers on Dr. Tokunaga.]
iii+vi. 1 fig. May 1939 (Showa 14).
–In Japanese. Preface to a multiauthored book written by Tokunaga's former students; he wrote this autobiographical sketch to thank them. It includes a portrait of him.
  Tokunaga explains that he and H. F. Osborn did not initially recognize the identity of the Togari Desmostylus skull because the description of the genus by O. C. Marsh had been based on only a fragment of a tooth.

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